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Neroli + Cedarwood Honey Body Oil

Neroli + Cedarwood Honey Body Oil

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Neroli oil, extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, is paradoxically symbolic of both purity and seduction. Calming, clear cedarwood simplifies and integrates, complementing neroli's complexity. With honey as an emollient, this nutrient-rich oil promotes cell regeneration and elasticity and deeply nourishes and rejuvenates damaged skin. 

Handcrafted in small batches Hindu Hillbilly oils are rich in nutrients and free of synthetic preservatives. Sweet almond oil is high in moisturizing fatty acids, and ideal for restoring your skin’s protective barrier. Apricot kernel oil is a natural source of vitamin A that maintains the skin’s elasticity and revitalizes tired skin. The magic of raw honey draws moisture from the air to your skin, leaving your skin deeply nourished and protected.

Directions: Apply to skin daily after a warm shower or bath. Can also be used as a bath oil and massage oil, especially for the practice of abhyanga or self-massage.

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, raw honey, essential oils

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